Photo Holidays

Iceland October 2021

8 Nights Photography along the beautiful Southern Coast of Iceland. We will photograph the main waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss as well as the lesser known Kvernufoss. Stopping at Vik for the world famous black sands and seastacks before heading on to our main focus for the trip, Jokulsarlon ice lagoon, Diamond beach and the mighty Vestrahorn. As well as stopping at some hidden gems on the way. The Northern Lights will be a main focus of the trip and with luck we will photograph them over some this area of Iceland's most iconic landmarks.
Iceland South Coast October 2021

Dates: Arrive Saturday 23rd October Depart: Sunday 31st October
8 Nights.

Number of people: Max 3 people (4 including myself)

Sat 21st: Arrive Keflavik, meet, pick up hire car and head to our first overnight in a Hotel near Skogafoss waterfall, stopping at Seljalandsfoss enroute
Sun 22nd: Opportunity to photograph Skogafoss and Kvernufoss before heading for sunset at Vik, where we will overnight in a Hotel
Mon 23rd: Head to Hofn where we spend 4 nights in a self-catering property where we will visit Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, diamond beach and the Vestahorn.
The additional time here gives us plenty of scope for repeat visits in the hope of catching some epic light and hopefully the lights...
Fri 29th: Return to Vik for another chance to photograph the sea stacks from Vik and Reynisfjara and Myrdal Church before overnight in a Hotel
Sat 30th: Sunrise Vik and those sea stacks before heading back to Keflavik to overnight at an airport Hotel. Stopping at waterfalls and Kirkjufjara headland.
Sun 31st: Early flights home

The itinerary is designed to maximise time at locations and repeat visits to locations to maximise the opportunity of coming away with some
quality photographs of these iconic places, rather than rush between locations and take what you can get. And of course, maximising the possibility of seeing and
photographing the Northern Lights! As the trip is an equal endeavour we will discuss and decide where we wish to head off to ensure we all get what we want from the trip.
For me I want a shot of the Vestrahorn in epic light....

Exact cost will depend on accommodation booked and number of participants. However below is breakdown of expected costs.
Car hire 8 days SUV type vehicle approx: £400 this will be split equally.
Hotel stays max £150 per night for single occupancy of room - we will stay 4 nights in hotels
Self catering Hofn circa £1500 for a 4 bed property, split 4 ways. (I will book this when numbers are confirmed. If we have total 3 people I
will book a smaller property and reduce costs this way)
Flights £300 approx

I have costed it fully for this week and all in 8 nights I expect us all to get change from £1500 including flights
Only thing to pay will be food out there

Further reading:
I have been to Iceland twice before, both times heading to Snæfellsnes and as far as Vik.
I haven't made it to the Vestrahorn or diamond beach et al before (can't wait) and have planned the trip using this book,(Tour 3) if you want to see pics of what to expect, read up etc...


Next steps:
Contact me if interested, 07837753772 or via the contact me. I aim to have people committed to travelling by Feb 2021 latest, we will then make all bookings etc...
The beauty of doing it this way is we can zoom beforehand and agree all accommodation etc... then book, arrange our flights etc...
This way it is completely transparent and the costs will be fair and the lowest possible. Remember, I am not making a penny from this.
I just want to have a great week landscape photography in Iceland, hopefully this sounds good to you to.

As I am not running a tour in the tradition sense, you're responsible for yourself, so take insurance etc... I offer no financial protection as I am not
selling a product. I am merely coordinating a group of likeminded people for a week away!