talks and workshops


My most requested workshops are for night sky / milky way photography or London cityscapes. However I do also run general landscape workshops and post processing workshops

A typical night-sky workshop would be:

In this workshop we will look at how to create great images of the the night sky, most commonly the milky way. My philosophy in night-sky images is the same as in any other type of landscape images. I want to create a beautiful scene which just happens to be at night with stars and the milky way in the scene. This means the image must be sharp and noise free as any image and the milky way must be in just the right place. To accomplish this multiple shots need to be taken over the course of the evening, with camera looked in position, stationary for the entire time. Multiple shots will be taken for the foreground and a series of light and dark frames for the sky, All this means just one thing planning. In this workshop I will run through my entire process from , using apps like photopils and scope nights, through to the images i need to generate across the night and when i need to capture them. In the field we will look at a few practical aspects such as focusing and camera settings.

This is then followed up either the next day or following weekend with a 2- 3 hour, PS LR session looking at combing the images taken into one image. Along with blending techniques we will look at how to process the milky way and stack multiple night sky images and calibration frames and a few other nice techniques to make these images really pop! This can be run without the processing if desired

The cost of this would be £200 for 2days comprising of the both the shoot and processing side of the image creation on a 1-2-1 basis

A typical London workshop would be:

We will meet at the millennium bridge about an hour before sunset.Here we will look at camera settings and composition. Filters and camera settings can be will be discussed. There will be time to experiment with some long exposures and different compositions here. We will stay through to sunset and hopefully capture some wonderful colour above St. Paul's. Now it is night and London looks its best at night! Night shooting can be challenging but we will look at the difficulties this will bring as well of how to overcome them, Before heading to St.Pauls itself to start our night photography of London. We will then head to London Bridge shooting interesting and unique images of the Shard, before heading down to Tower bridge, stopping at the many photo opportunities on the way. We will of course look to capture some spectacular light trail images as buses cross over the bridge.

The workshop will run for around 4 hours and cost £100 on a 1-2-1 basis

As the workshops are bespoke they have no set dates \ itinerary and can be arranged around your needs and interests. Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation informal discussion should you wish to. Group discounts will be arranged.