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My current talk for the 2019 / 2020 season: The art of Landscape Photography.

The art of Landscape Photography covers my entire workflow from planning, to in the field, to processing. The aim is to capture my entire philosophy and workflow behind landscape photography, as well provide practical information on the techniques and camera settings I employ to capture my images, as well as some advice and information on the locations themselves.The talk centres around up to 4 areas of the UK - The Lake District, Glencoe, Hertfordshire and London as well as the Lofoten Islands in Norway. During this section, I will discuss the use of more specialist techniques, such as panoramas, HDR and focus stacking as well as looking at post processing looking at one photo's journey from raw to TIFF. A large part of the talk is on night photography. This is perhaps what I am best known for and where the majority of my workshop requests come from. During the night photography section, I will cover planning and the apps I use for the milky way and track the weather as well as the kit I use, through to capturing the images needed to make my final image. I will discuss some specialist techniques I use, including stacking shots for noise control and the use of calibration frames. The focus of the talk can be adjusted to suit. I can spend more or less time on some of the photographic areas or less time on night images for example. One club I am booked up for in the New Year would like the talk to focus on night photography; another would like a general talk including some wildlife images. So please do feel free to contact me and discuss your requirements if you are interested in having me at your camera club. I can be contacted via the contact section of my website.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements