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A complete digital workflow tutorial from capture to great images

The reality is getting it right in camera does not produce a finished stunning image! Getting it right in camera means your camera records all the information you want it to record for you to apply a range of techniques to ensure you end up with a stunning image. To get the most of your photography you must shoot RAW, if you don't you leave all processing decisions to the camera. Thats right a JPEG from the camera is processed the same as one you put through LR and Photoshop however you leave all the decisions to a simple programme in your camera. In this worksop I will teach you how to take full control on your images, and use lightroom and photoshop, along with your high quality RAW images to create the images you always wanted to. Remember my philosophy I want my images to be an accurate representation of what I saw, The camera cannot do this on its own and needs your help, through careful considered and sympathetic processing. I can show you how.

This is not "a cheat" workshop if you are looking to replace skies, add sunsets etc... this workshop is not for you! this workshop will help you maximise your RAW files to make your images the best they can be, remembering at all times my philosophy of wanting the viewer to see what I saw when i took the photo!

Take these images. The RAW left was under exposed. It had to be to ensure the highlights were not blown This was a conscious decision in the field. It retains all the information it needs to be turned back to the stunning morning I witnessed. All it requires is the knowhow!


Location: My Hertfordshire home,

Main Techniques Covered: Raw, Lightroom, main features and initial Raw processing, using LR features, white balance, shadow and highlight adjustment, correcting slight exposure issues, HSL menu grad tools, dealing with distortion etc... into photoshop. working in layers, blend modes, controlling contrast, making images pop and adding depth. moving back between the two until the image is ready for either Web or print. This will be as simple or depth as you need, moving into some more advanced techniques such as luminosity masking, HDR, panoramas, focus stacking, double processing of RAWs and monitor calibration. There will also be opportunity to critique images from camera settings to composition.

Main Subjects: Your images

Fitness Level: No fitness requirement, an ability to sit and drink tea \ coffee is essential

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: £150

When? Dates available throughout the year

Equipment? A laptop with LR and Photoshop is useful. We will need to be able to put images onto my Mac, either email raws via a sender like mailbagfile or portable hard drive ahead of the session

Next Steps: If interest contact me either through this page or facebook, If you wish to leave me a number i can call to discuss in more detail and answer any specific questions you may have.

The kingfisher below is slightly under and very flat but with some big shadows! The light was fast changing and the images was exposed with the white highlights in mind. A few steps and some careful techniques later and it is all looking good!