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London: Millennium Bridge to Tower Bridge

London is an wonderful contrast of the old and the new. It has the potential to create stunning images. For the photographer though it is not easy. Locations can be tucked away, exposures can vary hugely across a frame and compositions can be tight. This workshop will guide you through all this and in the process will help you create wonderful images of your own.

At a glance

Location: Meet on the steps under the Millennium Bridge by the Tate Modern

Main Techniques Covered: Manual shooting and focus, exposure, composition, long exposure and shooting at night

Main Subjects: The shard, St. Paul's Cathedral, Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge, depending on time and personal interest.

Fitness Level: Average, we will cover a few miles, the walking is easy however this can be tailored to your needs

Duration: three to four hours. Start finish times will be discussed when booking

Group size: the workshop is 1-2-1 however if you wish to attend with a friend or family member then this can be arranged, Max number 3 particpants

Cost: £75 1-2-1, £50 2-1 or 3 -1

When? Dates available throughout the year

Equipment? Camera and a tripod. Filters are useful but not essential

Next Steps: If interest contact me either through this page or facebook, If you wish to leave me a number i can call to discuss in more detail and answer any specific questions you may have. .

In depth

We will meet at the millennium bridge about an hour before sunset.Here we will look at camera settings and composition. Filters will be discussed. There will be time to experiment with some long exposures and different compositions here. We will stay through to sunset and hopefully capture some wonderful colour above St. Paul's. Before heading to across London Bridge shooting interesting and unique images of the Shard

Shooting at night creates all sorts of difficulty mainly due to large exposure variations. I will teach you how to deal with this in camera to ensure your images capture the full vibrance of the city at night.

From here we will head down to Tower Bridge. There will be opportunity for many shots of this iconic location as we walk down. Our aim will be put everything we have learnt into practice to create stunning images of this iconic structure.

These images are just a small sample of what you can hope to capture on the evening. Remember, I will not be taking my own images so I will be on hand to help you 100% of the way, to work with you and any difficulties and questions you may have to ensure you not only capture a set of stunning images but develop and improve your photography to ensure you can capture these images independently. Check out my reviews if you are not sure and contact me with any questions you may have.Of course taking images is only halfway to creating outstanding images, I always recommend that you book a LR and Photoshop session as well. A discount of £25 will be applied of you book both workshops at the same time.