Phil James is a Landscape, Cityscape and Nighscape Photographer from Hertfordshire, UK
Welcome to my website, I am a photographer from the South of England. My work is represented by major stock agencies and has sold and appeared all over the world. I have appeared in several major UK magazines including Outdoor Photographer and Amateur Photographer. In 2017 I was shortlisted for Landscape Photographer of the year.

From this website you can securely buy prints online, read about my services and contact me. But feel free just to browse my Galleries, here you will find a selection of my favourite images.

I travel all over the UK to take pictures and enjoy the different types of opportunities different areas present, from the flat landscapes of East Anglia to the dramatic mountains of the north, this country has everything a landscape photographer needs. My approach to photography is simple, I love the outdoors and am never more at peace than being somewhere remote, I want to convey this in my photos. Be it a colourful sunrise on the Suffolk Coast or bleak midwinter in the Scottish Highlands. If you can look at my images and get the same feelings I did taking it then I have succeeded.

I use a variety of techniques to take my images such as HDR and focus stacking as well as filters to control the light. Although I do process my images in both Lightroom and Photoshop at the heart of everything I do is the desire to convey the scene as I took it, so I will never replace a sky or create an image. I want my photographs to be an accurate representation of what I saw taking the picture. This is not to question any other photographers approach but a personal choice for the direction of my work.

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